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Tämän hetkinen vierastaiteilija / Current guest artist

Rika Onozaki / Japan
Residencies: 1.8.-31.8.2017


Born in 1983 in Yokohama, Rika Onozaki graduated from Musashino Art University, Tokyo, in 2006. In 2008, she took M.A. at Tokyo University of the Arts. Her art works are mainly installations and spatial arts. Based in  Kanagawa, she also works as a freelance illustrator, designer, curator and more.

Major exhibitions include: 

2005 Group Exhibition “Shinjuku service area” at Shinjuku Ganka Garo
2006 Graduation exhibition “OS1” at Tokyo University of the Arts
2011 Group Exhibition “Night on the Galactic Railroad” at Gallery COMMON, Contemporary Art Festival “Art KAMEYAMA” in Mie Prefecture
2012 Group Exhibition “Mimicrymimesis” at Gallery COMMON
2013 Contemporary Art Festival Art project of the back alley in Arima “ in Hyogo
2015 Contemporary Art Festival ”Nakanojyo bienale 2015 “ in Gunma Prefecture
2016 Contemporary Art Festival “Kizugawa- Art “ in Nara


The support of the Arts Promotion Centre of  Finland and the city of Espoo has enabled the realisation of the residency in Finland.


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