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Tämän hetkinen vierastaiteilija | Current guest artist

Caitlyn Murphy (CA)
Residencies: 1.4.-30.4.2019

Shirting, gouache on paper

Caitlyn Murphy is a Toronto based artist who works with gouache on paper to create flat, observational paintings. Within this medium, she takes specific interest in the historical role of the flâneur in philosophy and literature, her relationship to the city, and the observable everyday forms of consumerism. These three strands of concern come together to form the basis for her paintings, allowing her to take on the role of an amateur detective or investigator of the environment surrounding her.

In Tapiola Guest Studio, she plans on creating paintings that will serve as a documentation of her time in Finland, as well as studies in subject matter that she is drawn towards such as displays, advertising, pattern in fabrics, small snippets of everyday life.

For further information: https://caitlynmurphy.ca/


The residency programme is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre of  Finland and the city of Espoo.

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