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Tämän hetkinen vierastaiteilija / Current guest artist

Heja Jung / Australia, Japan
Residencies: 1.1.-28.2.2017

In her artistic practise, Heja Jung attempts to express her various responses to the environment in which she finds herself. The environment, however, is always a complex blend of our immediate physical surroundings (air, colours, temperature, flavours) and our own unique inner world that we bring to its interpretation. In Heja Jung's case, this mix is enriched by her aesthetic and cultural history as an Asian person living in the west. 

For all of us, there are layers to our experiences, and intriguingly many (perhaps the most interesting and revealing) are often hidden, or obscured by the curious and unpredictable path of our interpretations. The real outside world is viewed, experienced and ultimately expressed through the nuances of our inner (sometimes unconscious) worlds, and in this way some of our otherwise hidden experiences might take form. 

Heja Jung received her BA in Ceramic Design from the  Monash University Caulfield Campus in Melbourne and her BA in Fine Arts from the RMIT University. 

During her residency, Jung will focus on working with semi-abstracted paintings and drawings, using acrylic, watercolour and oil paint. https://hejajung.wordpress.com/  

The support of the Arts Promotion Centre of  Finland and the city of Espoo has enabled the realisation of the residency in Finland.


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