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00510 Helsinki
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Tämän hetkinen vierastaiteilija / Current guest artist

Manon Labrecque / Canada
Residencies: 1.9.-31.12.2017


Les traversées, 2012
kinetic and sound installation 
(a wide angle shot and a detail of the work)

Artistic Profile: 

"My creative work is rooted in the body, in the attention given to physical sensations and in movement. 

It takes shape through video [single-- -band and installation], performance, drawing, photography, kinetic and sound installation.

I’m interested in exterior and interior spaces within the body, in the physical and psychological aspects of relations and in the embodiment of the poetic. The living and the unmoving are in close contact… Movement and fixity generate one another to create the animate, the inanimate and the reanimated."

For further information: www.manonlabrecque.com 

The residency has been produced in cooperation with Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec (http://www.calq.gouv.qc.ca), and it is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre of  Finland and the city of Espoo.


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