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Tapiola Guest Studio

Nallenpolku 1 B


Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation (FASF) started an international artist exchange programme in Tapiola Guest Studio in 1997. The residency provides time and space for artists to focus on their creative work and to get acquainted with Finnish artists and art scene.

The artists are selected to Tapiola Guest Studio either through the artist exchange programmes or by partner organisations or occasionally also through open calls.  


Espoo - Quebec Exchange

The artist exchange programme offers residencies for Finnish visual artists in Centre Méduse in Quebec and for Canadian artists in Tapiola Guest Studio in Espoo.  The exchange programme is co-organised by the Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation and Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec (since 1998). The residencies are organised annually, the working period is in general for four months. 

Espoo - Tokyo Exchange

Foundation is renewing its residency activities and has started a cooperation with Youkobo Art Space in Japan in 2017. For Finnish artists, the call for entries for the residency in Japan in the end of the year 2018 was closed on May 16th 2018.     


At Tapiola Guest Studio, some of the residency months  are reserved for international artists selected through open calls. The residency months available vary each year, which is why there is no regular deadline for call for applications. The call for entries are usually announced through international residency networks and also on the page»  

The last call for applications to the open slots in 2019  was closed on 23rd November 2018. The jury consisted of two representatives, professional visual artists living in the studio building. 


The Tapiola studio building was built in 1955 for Finnish visual artists. It was designed by professor, architect Aulis Blomstedt. The single-storey row-house type wood building houses four working spaces of 83 m2 (with living balcony) and six 100 m2 live-in-studios. There is also a sauna in the building.

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The studio building is located in Tapiola in Espoo, 8 kms away from the centre of Helsinki. It lies in a park-like setting just beside the sea. Tapiola is called the garden city (for background reading, see  "Housing policy, architecture and everyday" written by Riitta Nikula).


One studio, 83 m2 in total, with a living balcony of 15 m2. Fully equipped for visual artist. The working space is 6 meters high and north-facing, there  is a wooden floor and walls have been painted white. A wireless internet connection. The residential studio includes also a kitchen, a bathroom and a living balcony. The live/work studio is in private use of the resident artist, however, if needed, it is suitable also for an artist couple or two artists. 


Guest artists in Tapiola

Current guest artist »

From Quebec, Canada (exchange with Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec):

Josée Dubeau, 1.9.-31.12.2018
Manon Labrecque, 1.9.-31.12.2017
Barbara Claus, 1.9.-31.12.2016
Suzanne FerlandL, 18.9.-20.12.2015
Jacynthe Carrier, 17.9.-31.12.2014
Georges Audet 1.9.-31.12.2013
Annie Conceicao-Rivet, 1.9.-31.12.2012
Virginie Laganière, 1.9.-31.12.2011
Jean-Yves Vigneau, 1.9.-31.12.2010
Emmanuelle Léonard, 1.9.-31.12.2009
Diane Morin, 1.9.-31.12.2008
Claudette Lemay, 1.9.-31.12.2007
Ana Rewakowicz, 1.9.-31.12.2006
Carl Trahan, 1.9.-31.12.2005
Stephanie Morissette, 1.9.-31.12.2004
Louis-Pierre Bougie, 1.9.-31.12.2003
Jean Pierre Aubé, 1.9.-31.12.2002
Sylvie Cotton, 1.9.-31.12.2001
Karen Trask, 1.10.2000-31.1.2001
Annie Thiboult, 1.9.-31.12.1999
Paskal Dufauf & Chantal Neveu, 1.9.-31.12.1998

From Tokyo (exchange with Youkobo Art Space):

Tetsuro Kano 1.5.-30.6.2018
Kazuo Yoshida 1.5.-30.6.2017

From Switzerland and Germany (previous exchange with iaab/Atelier Mondial):

Stefan Hösl & Andrea Mihaljevic, 4.2.-31.7.2014
Uta Pütz, 10.1.-30.6.2013
Anna Scholer, 1.1.-30.6.2012
Oliver Minder, 1.1.-15.7.2011
Bianca Dugaro, 1.1.-30.6.2010
Christian Schuler, 1.1.-30.6.2009
Antoanetta Marinov, 1.1.-30.6.2008
Maja Rieder, 1.1.-30.6.2007
Ralph Bürgin, 1.1.-30.6.2006
Samy Kramer, 1.1.-30.6.2005
Jeannette Mehr, 1.1.-30.6.2004
Maya Bringolf, 1.1.-30.6.2003
Monika Rechsteiner, 1.1.-30.6.2002
Susanne Schär & Peter Spillman, 1.2.-14.8.2001
Francoise Caraco, 1.-30.6.2000
Esther Hunziger, 1.1.-30.6.1999
Monica Studer & Christoph van den Berg, 1.3.-31.8.1998
Christine Camenisch, 1.9.-31.12. 1997

Other guests:

nabbteeri (FIN), 1.1.-31.3.2019
Meeyoung Kim and Sangjun Roh (KR), 1.1.-23.3.2018
Rika Onozaki (JP), 1.-31.8.2017
Kristie MacDonald (CA), 1.-31.7.2017
Alex Kisilevich (CA), 1.4.-30.4.2017
Angeli Raissa (CY), 1.-31.3.2017
Heja Jung (AUS/JP), 1.1.-28.2.2017
Kana Matsumoto (JP), 1.8.-31.8.2016
Louise Noguchi (CA), 1.6.-14.7.2016
Thea Jentjens (NL), 1.-30.4.2016
Lachlan Herd (AUS), 1.-31.3.2016
Devon Bate (CA), 3.8.-27.8.2015
CKÖ (CH), 3.5.-23.6.2015
Nicole Prutsch (AT), 1.-30.4.2015
Janne Nabb & Maria Teeri (FI), 15.1.-18.3.2015
Ange Taggart (GB), 2.-31.8.2014 
Ruben Gutierrez and Jaoquín Segura (MX), 1.-25.8.2013
Platon Petrov (RU), 14.-31.7.2013
Kacper Ziemianin (PL/GB), 1.-31.8.2012
Ryoko Adachi (JP), 2.8.-30.8.2011
Ralf Brück (DE), 1.7.-8.8.2010
Hironari Kubota (JP), 1.7.-31.8.2009
Marton Romvary (HU), 1.-31.7.2008
Emmanuelle Aussedat (FR), 9.7.-3.8.2007
Magnus Logi Kristinsson (IS), 1.-31.8.2006
Anna Krzystek (GB), 1.-31.7.2006
Midori Mitamura (JP), 1.7.-31.8.2005
Brian Curling (USA), 1.7.-31.8.2004
Sonja Krohn (NO), 1.7.-31.8.2003
Steve Tynan (GB), 1.-31.8.2002
Minna Hakala (GB), 1.-31.7.2002
TransHeart -project, 1.7.-30.9.2000

The Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation is a member of the worlwide network of artist residencies - Res Artis. 

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