The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation

The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation was founded in 1990 by the The Artists Association of Finland (AAF). The purpose of the Foundation is to secure and offer reasonably rated working facilities and studio apartments for visual artists and to otherwise take part in enhancing their working conditions. The Foundation also supports the policies of the AAF.

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation. Its objective, once upkeep and administrative expenses have been taken into account, is to minimize the rents and other costs of the studio spaces and residencies as much as possible. Currently (2020) in Finland, the Foundation has 320 artists as long-term tenants. 

The Foundation also promotes artists’s opportunities to work abroad. Different opportunities provided by the Foundation – residency exchanges, the Tapiola Guest Studio and the studio buildings abroad – benefit plenty of artists annually.
The Foundation also takes care of coordination and information tasks related to the Finnish arts residency sector and FAIRE Finnish Artist Residency Network.


Open calls: To  keep you updated on our upcoming open calls, please follow us on our website page Haettavana (the information is unfortunately available mainly in Finnish) or on Facebook and Instagram.