Vallila Studio Centre

Lemuntie 4-6
Nilsiänkatu 11-13 F
Pälkäneentie 18
FIN-00510 Helsinki

The facilities, located in Vallila, Helsinki, were formerly in industrial use and now offer refurbished working facilities for over 130 artists. The first part was acquired in 1999 and the extensions in 2004 and 2006. The individual studios measure between 13 m2 and 132 m2. The buildings also house the office of the Foundation. Two stipend studios were named after Werner and Helena Åström, who bequethed part of the funding for the project.

Kalasatama Studio Building

Vanha Talvitie 9/Verkkosaarenkatu 1
FIN-00580 Helsinki

In 2007 The Studio Foundation bought an old industrial building in Kalasatama area in Helsinki and renovated 16 artists’ studios there. The individual studios measure between 15 m2 and 77 m2. The building also houses the Helsinki Litho, the Screen-printing workspace – Kalasataman Seripaja and the Art school – Avoin taidekoulu.

Hämeentie Attic and Printmaking workshops

Hämeentie 155
FIN-00560 Helsinki

Since 2011 the Foundation has rented for visual artists 8 working studios in Arabianranta on the 7th floor of the building. Studio space Artsu can be rented also for short term use (max 6 months). The workshops of the Arabia printmakers and Valligrafia printmakers can be found on the 5th floor.

Artsu Project Studio

Hämeentie 155 B, 7. floor
FIN-00560 Helsinki

In addition to long-term rentals, the Foundation also provides studio space for short-term use, allowing flexible access to studios. The Project Studio Artsu can be booked subject to availability. Minimum period of rent is one day and maximum six months.

Located in Arabianranta in Helsinki, on the seventh floor of the building, the Project Studio Artsu has 47 m2. It is 2,85m high and has its windows facing east. There is a Wi-Fi, an easel and a work desk in the studio. Artsu has also its own kitchenette and a toilet/shower, besides, there is a sofa-bed and a few chairs in the studio. There are two freight elevators in the building. On the same floor, there are also eight other artist studios rented for long-term use.

Prices (2023):

80,- € / day
205,- € / week
555,- € / month

The Project Studio Artsu can be requested throughout the year. If you are interested in renting the studio, please send an enquiry to us:

Turku House for Arts

Nunnankatu 4, 20700 Turku

The Foundation has rented two floors for artists’ spaces in the Turku House for Arts, the former industrial building of Rettig. Renting is supported by The City of Turku.

Kontula Artists’ House

Kontulankaari 13,
FIN-00940 Helsinki

The studio building was built in 2015 with 14 studios for visual artists. On the same lot there is an apartment building built by the City of Helsinki for visual artists. The aim is to rent the studios to the artists that live in the apartment building with their families.

The sizes of the studios vary from 27 to 63 m2.

Kera Artists’ Studios

Kutojantie 3
FIN-02630 Espoo

In cooperation with the city of Espoo the Foundation is managing artists’ studios in an old office building in Espoo Kera area. There are 25 studios, covering one whole floor of the building.

Herttoniemi Art Foundry

Pikkupurontie 3
FIN-00880 Helsinki

The foundry, designed in the 1960s for the casting of sculptures, is at present rented to Herttoniemi Art Foundry, Inc. Several of the most important public monuments were cast at this foundry, which also makes smaller casts.

Tattarisuo Stone Works

Tuulilasintie 17
FIN-00770 Helsinki

The building, located at Tattarisuo, Helsinki, is rented to an association of artists working with stone. It serves a large number of sculptors with its large range of equipment for stonework . Read more