Tapiola Studio House

Nallenpolku 1

A semi-detached building in Espoo, with ten residential studios, one of which is reserved for international exchange programmes. The wooden building, designed by Professor Aulis Blomstedt, was built in 1955. The units measure 83-100 m2. The Tapiola Studio Building is located about ten kilometres from the centre of Helsinki.

Oulunkylä Studio House

Henrik Sohlbergintie 19-25
FIN-00640 Helsinki

Built in Helsinki in 1975, these buildings comprise 17 residential studios and one separate studio. The group of four semi-detached houses was designed by architects and professors Kirmo Mikkola and Esko Lehti. The units measure 88-118 m2. The Oulunkylä Studio Building is located along seven kilometres from the Helsinki city centre.

Artists’ House Ars Longa

Tukkutorinkuja 6
FIN-00580 Helsinki

The Finnish Artists’ Studio Fonudation is a shareowner in the Artists’ building. Built in 2020 the multi-storey building inhabits writers, visual artists and designers. On the top floor of the eight-storey building there are two artists’ studio apartments. For more information, see www.arslongatalo.fi

Betania Studio

Perämiehenkatu 13
FIN-00150 Helsinki

The Foundation has rented one studio of 61,5 m2 from the the City of Helsinki.

Kuopio Studio House

Aapatie 3
FIN-70780 Kuopio

These four buildings, constructed for the housing fair of Kuopio in 1980, were acquired by the Foundation in 1995. The units measure 119 m2.